579 Brooklyn Ave.

579 Brooklyn Ave..jpg

2 Buildings total: 6,480 sq ft (includes 1560 office)

Skylights: No

Eave Height: 16’ in Warehouse

Parking: 12 spaces
3 ground level roll up doors (Main Bldg)

2 ground level roll up doors (Storage Bldg)

Sprinkler: No

Lease Price: $4,121.75 per mo. 
Modified Gross Lease: 2019/2020 Base Year

Further Information: Randall Walker, SIOR
The Industrial Group, LLC.
1504 L & A Road
Metairie, LA 70001
(504) 832-8012

Licensed By the Louisiana & Mississippi Real Estate Commissions. 
Licensed By The Louisiana State Licensing Board of Contractors.